Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Karem!


This month has began with a great festival spread across Muslim world – Ramadan started right on 1st of July. Ramadan is religious holy month for Muslims when they supposed to be fasting from sunrise till sunset and pray as always five times a day. This month brings peace and prosperity to all and brings families together. Read more about on this website in different languages http://www.islamreligion.com/index.php?searchword=Ramadan&searchphrase=all&submit=Search&option=search&fromform=1&modifier=entire
Every day fast breaks with a flavorful meal called Iftar (افتر), which translates as “breakfast” from Arabic. Iftar normally being called with maghreb prayer – which is commences at the sunset. At this time all families gather at a big table with and break their fast with water and dates, followed by a festive meals cooked at home. Since it is a first meal after long hours of fasting it is advisable to have it as light as possible and as healthy as possible, it is recommended to limit spices and salt content of food since your taste buds re very activated at this time.
After sharing Iftar with family all proceed to comfort yourself on the couches in the leaving room. Often Arabic sweats and coffee will be served shortly after main meal.
Iftar this year is bit on a late side – started at 7.07 pm on 1 st of July, but every day becoming earlier and by the end of the month will reach somewhere close to 6.40 pm, I think.
After “breakfast” with family – younger crowd heading to the Ramadan Tents and shisha places spread all across Dubai. It is comfortable restaurants where you can meat up with friends, smoke shisha and drink some fruit cocktails or even order some food if you like, but trust me from my experience wit is very difficult to eat at such a proximity to Iftar.
Originally as per Koran – the next meal supposed to just before sunrise around 4 am or so right before Fajr prayer, but a lot of fasting people do not follow this regimen since it is not easy to sleep for a couple of hours and then interrupt your sleep for a short time and go back to sleep after that is nearly impossible for a lot of people especially if you have work the next day. So, a lot of people make their morning meal called Souhur into a night dinner – around 1 or 2 am – it might be any possible meal from porridge to typical manaishes (oven baked breads with cheese or meat or egg or altogether). Forgot to mention, that working hours during this month also get shorter by law – normally fasting employees are entitled to work no more therm 6 horse per day. But in reality it gets as difficult as 8 hours during regular months.


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