When Millet meets Amaranth

Hello friends, how are you doing all this time?

We had a crazy holidays week in Dubai – Eid Al Adha celebration – end of Ramadan Holidays. It was really crazy in here. Mall were overly crowded and we went for a movie the other day and spent altogether 5 hours – just to reach mall’s valley parking and then to exit to highway. Most of Dubai and other emirates residents and travelers from other GCC Countries were just raving about shopping and lunching and dining and just simply mall walking, i guess.

The rest of days we just chilled, chilled and chilled with a warm cup of tea or sometimes something hotter 😉  We lazied around, watched a lot of movies at home and played PS3/iPad games.

I was still managing to go to yoga every single morning and really enjoyed quit gym (which happens only holidays). Why people always assume that weekends and holidays should be excluded rom fitness routine? It takes only an hour a day! So DO it!

I also greatly enjoyed wall climbing with dubai blogger Anjia  at new Venue in Mirdiff City Centre called Walltopia. It was my first ever Wall Climbing experience and i totally loved it. It really different type of work out – it is something other then dancing what i really enjoyed. Hope to do it more often though – nice break from gym.

Here is some recent eats – in order to alkaline my body’s PH balance i am greatly concentrating on alkalizing foods. So the breakfast is totally down to it.

Millet and Amaranth Porridge (Credo – can’t sweeten it – spice it up ) 

Can't sweeten it - Spice it up!!

Serves 2.

1,5 cups water

1/2 cups millet and amaranth 3:1 ratio

1/2 tsp cinammon


all spice


Bring to boil, cover with a lid, reduce heat and let it simmer for 15 minutes.


1/2 unsweetened Almond Milk (but Amaranth milk will be good too)

1/3 cup of dry Goji Berries and Mulberries

1 Tbs of Shelled Hemp Seeds

Cover and simmer for another 5 minutes.

Before serving i mixed in 2 Tbsp of milled Flax Seeds, drizzle of Yacon Syrup and teaspoon of Cashew Butter.

I enjoyed it with Carob-Chicory Mocchachino

Cappa "Mocha chino"

1 tsp of ground Chicory (Chicory mixtures help detoxify the body and regulate metabolism)

1 tsp of Carob Powder (My Favorite “Cocoa”)


1/4 cup of boiling water

MIx together.

Add 1/2 cup of warm foamy unsweetened Almond Milk (i use my Nespresso Cappuccino maker for it)

Heading to the Food Photography Work Shop – so exited that can learn how to photograph properly and edit pictures, since being rally silly and posting just on-the-go pictures all the time.




2 responses to this post.

  1. Hiya! Met you through twitter. Nice to see another blogger in our part of the world.

    Thank goodness we escaped Ramadan and EID craziness this year and spent all our time back in our home of Australia (the last few years we’ve been in Saudi for Ramadan).

    I love Dubai, I get to visit my girlfriend who lives in Old Town regularly. How long have you lived there for?


    • Thank you for your advice on dehydrator btw =) will follow your blog.
      Glad that Ramadan is over too. But i guess in SA it is more intense then here in Dxb – i feel for you 🙂
      I am in Dubai for 6 years and love it =) never been to SA though.


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