Hello and welcome to my blog!
My name is Elena. I live in Dubai with my husband for past 5 years or so. I am originally from Russian Siberian peninsula -) my husband loughs often that I have criminals from the time when during Soviet Union a lot of criminal were being sent to Siberia as a punishment. But I think my only crime is addiction to cooking -))
Just a little bit about myself. I love Dubai and weather here – I enjoy several trips to the beach during the year and love winter here when you can sit and smoke shisha in some cozy restaurants outside. I love feeling of security here and endless shopping malls with it’s discounts and promotions. I love that there is so many cultures mixed together and you always discover something new. I love Arabic food and appreciate availability of all the other world’s cuisines.
I like to bake but prefer to do it less frequent – since trying to opt for healthier options in food. I do yoga most of the days per week and really care about my figure. My best food choices are healthy and low carb low fat dishes. Also I do avoid glut ten as much as I can (but cannot resist freshly baked dessert cake once in a while 😉 I was following candida diet for some time and now I am mostly following low GI diet and just pretty much limiting my carbs as much as I can. I love to be healthy and feel good!
My favorite supermarkets are located in several places in Dubai – each of them has it’s niche. Like for example for massive grocery shopping is go to Carefour, for healthy and unit things – like non-dairy milk, quark, gluten free products – Organic Supermarket, for some Japanese and Thai products – Waitrose and Spines. Vegetables – veggie market and lamb we order from the butcher’s shop.
That is so far it – to give some idea of who I am and what I will do in my log.
Welcome and hope to see you here often -)))



4 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Elena,
    it’s me, Anja from Anja’s food 4 Thought. I have just discovered your blog. I like the health aspect to it and can;t wait for more posys.
    I want to tell you about our Food Blogger Group in Dubai that you may want to join. We have a Facebook group called Famished in Arabia, and a website called tabletalk.ae
    We are a mixed bunch of bloggers, coming from all over the world,some doing recipes, some doing restaurant reviews, some doing food & travel or telling foodie stories about Dubai.
    We meet at food-related events. I think you might like to join us. On Facebook just request to be a member. I’ll tell our admins that.

    See you soon.


    • Hi Anja, thank you for a inviting me -) would be glad to connect with same minded people! I requested to be a member of FB group and would be glad to attend your events. You have a beautiful food blog yourself -)


  2. Glad you want to join. We are waiting for you! Arva from I live in a Frying Pan is usually very quick to answer requests and welcome you with a big Hello.


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