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Monaco – My Love!

Bonjour My Friends!

It is been a long break for me from blogging. I really missed it all =) and glad to be back!

How have you been doing?

We came back from our trip to Cannes and Monaco last Saturday and things were pretty rough in here! But first things first – i loved, loved and loved Monte-Carlo. It is so chic, so taken care off city! Every step of it is like a living a dream! We visited Monaco Yacht Show and i was pretty immersed by the luxury of boats for sale.

Monaco Yacht Show

Some of the Boats:

and some of me =)


Some treats 😉 since we were so busy and so tired sometime, that my body craved for some fuel-treats ;=)

i took a small bite already from the Madelene :o)

We finished our Day with Wine and Pot of Mussels, of course

pic was taken with Blackberry at night -(

ar Lovely Hidden Gem in Cannes “La Socca” serving some authentic South France Food, including Beef Tartare and those babies from picture above 😉

Day 2 in Monacco again =)

This time we were hanging on the famous Square of Monaco with “La Casino”, “Hotel De Paris”, “Cafe De Paris” and  Hotel “Hermitage”, where we also attended Charity Watch Auction.

Hotel De Paris

La Casino

The Only Watch Charity Auction was held at the beautiful hall of Hotel Hermitage and 25 lots of watches specially made for this event and representing itself unique piece.

Hall filled up with bidders and guests

Prince of Monaco in the  front row

Albert II, Prince of Monaco

Top Lot was Patek Philippe Watch . It’s starting price was 350,000 Euro and it was sold for…. see for yourself:

euro 1,400,000 =)

Afterwards we had dinner at Cafe De Paris, of course =) we had beef tartare, ratatouille with were very good and entrecôte which was nothing special =) and finished a bottle of Pino Noir.

dinner time - was too hungry to picture the food =)

It was a lovely few days and i am still in Love with Monaco. Wishing to visit there again next year -)

For now, i am back to Dubai, i am very busy here with a lot of things, which i will talk about in next posts. Right now trying my best to spare some time for blogging and have so many things to share!

Have a great day!

PS: if you have not planned you next getaway trip – book some place on South of France and explore it all =) You won’t be disappointed!


kNight & Day

Breakfast for the loved one..

You know, there is always bad and good about waking up early. I am a morning person, and now I am proud of it! I had a time in my life when I used to think that it is so bad to wake up early and then fall asleep around midnight. My hubby is complete opposite of me – he is totally Owl. Night is his time! His metabolism is raving after sunset! He loves to eat at night, he loves to play his PS3 games all night long, watch TV or just read news. His words: “I feel that if I sleep all night – I am wasting my time”. So I used to think that I am a terrible “time waster”, since my body is just simply shutting down at night. So I was fighting it and over and over. It did not do any good of course: I felt very tired during the day, was not getting enough sleep, was hungry all time (since my body was trying to compensate lack of sleep) and after all my body stil was getting that sneak picked day of the week when was falling asleep at 10 pm and waking up at 7 or so.
Now, I accepted it! I love my mornings and love to see early sun and hear birds in a quite garden praise the house. I love to feel myself rested and wake up with a smile. I perfectly set routine – sleep at 12.30 am and wake up at 8 am. I am at my most productiveness in the morning hours.
Now I enjoy mornings having enough time to get myself ready, make a wholesome breakfast, love my yoga in the morning – it charging my metabolism for store day!
How we manage with Mr.? Well it is very fair trade, I would say, he likes me being responsible for his awakening every morning, he likes to have his fresh cup of cappuccino waiting for him on the table. And me, I like him to come with me to the bedroom at my sleeping time and hug me till I fall asleep, I like to make breakfast for him and I love to see him being happy about his last night achievements in his PS3 game. Tis is how it works and we are both happy !

Now, would love to share with you this morning breakfast my loved one Mr. R, it is just a simple pancake, but smells like a apple pie. Inspired and Recipe adapted from Eat Learn Discover , who obviously adapted it from here


Spread some butter over two medium pie pans, added dices of 1 apple (skinned) and sprinkled with some cinnamon and sugar. Beat 2 eggs with 2 tbsp of brown sugar, added 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1/2 cup of all purpose flour mixed with 1/8 tsp of baking powder. Poured bater over apples and placed few cubes of butter on top. Baked in preheated to 190C oven for 20 minutes. before serving it – i drizzled some Organic Maple syrup and decorated with whipped cream (Mr. R loves both of them).

I assumed I could make this recipe more up to my diet, but it was breakfast for Mr.R and he loves “real food”. He finished it all and said he loved it.


I had fro-Yo for breakfast with raw macadamia nuts and snacked on gluten free corn bread from Organic Store (just craving corn lately).

Are you night or morning person? And your loved one? And how do you manage with it?

Of the diet – little rare indulgence

Hello friends!
How is the beginning of the week going? Well here it all the same – pluses of jobless life 😉
Yesterday was the first day when Mr. R came back from his short trip to Kuwait. He actually brought me a wonderful gift (which I really begged him to bring though) – cheesecake! I know kinda weird to ask him to bring it from Kuwait, considering that you can buy one here on every corner. But THIS cheesecake is VERY special one…. It is in a JAR.
So cute:

Perfect layer of gluten and sugar -)))

I indulged into half of mine in the morning -)) and mr.R finished his all -)))


It was totally of the diet but totally worth it -) I took so many pictures and enjoyed empty jars more then actual eating -)) very cute idea to serve cheesecake -)

Interested to know: Do you have little rare indulgences? If yes then which ones?

Cheers, have a great week ahead. Left to work on socca post -))