Stuff I love and stuff I buy:


Here is:
organic gluten free brown rice flakes porridge with millet (my grains served in the morning)
yacon syrup which is low in GI index and has the following properties and benefits:

1. Regulates friendly intestinal flora, especially improves the growth of bifidobacterium
2. Reduces constipation
3. Helps to reduce the risk of developing colon cancer
4. Improves calcium and magnesium absorption, helping to strengthen the bones
5. Improves vitamin absorption, especially for B Vitamins
6. Helps manage cholesterol, triglycerides, and fat metabolism in general
7. Boosts the immune system in a way similar to aloe vera
8. Contains glyconutrients
9. Ideal for low-calorie and weight-loss diets
10. Ideal for low-sugar diets
11. Ideal for cancer-fighting diets
12. Non-cariogenic (does not cause cavities)
13. Contains superfood-level antioxidants
14. Standardized to 30% FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides)
15. Rich in antioxidants
16. Helps reduce symptoms of blood sugar disorders (hypoglycemia, diabetes type 2, etc.)

Maca powder
These are some of the benefits of taking a high quality raw Maca Powder

1. Contributes to overall well-being
2. Increase energy levels and stamina
3. Improves physical endurance
4. Improve sexual function (both men and women)
5. Enhance fertility levels
6. Regulate hormones
7. Reduce adrenal stress
8. Enhance memory and improve learning ability
9. Acts as an anticarcinogenic and antioxidant
10. May help to reduce the affects of aging and makes skin glow!

carob powder – I tested intolerant to cocoa beans. In order to try to avoid them I am replacing them with carob powder – I enjoy carob In the morning instead of having cocoa.
raw blue agave – law in glicemic index and much sweeter then honey or sugar. Using it very rarely since it is still contains sugar, but really yammie on cereal or gluten free pancakes.
Like those 😉

One of the next favorites:
chia seeds


1. Balanced source of omega 3 and 6 fatty oils
2. Balances blood sugar
3. Keeps you hydrated
4. I spindle them on the overnight oats or make a gel by mixing them pure water ratio 1:9 and leaving I. The fridge over night – it is becoming gel-like substance.

Raw organic protein which I buy and love (great alternative to whey protein)

It is gluten free and whey free


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