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Healthy low carb lunch

Good day! And the is really good if you start it with… Swimming. I woke up today fresh as never (considering me being back o. Track with my gluten free sugar free eating).
I had a hot cup of carob and chicory drink – yam – and no need for addictive coffee or cocoa 😉 while my mighty hot cereal was simmering on the stove. This cereal I bought from Organic Supermarket – they consist of millet, brown rice and corn. All grains are chopped and become really creamy after boiling in just water for 10 mins. I added some protein powder (love my “Raw brown rice protein” without any flavor and any artificial stuff), 2 tbsp flax meal and pinch of stevia. Was so delish!
After such a powered up breakfast – I decided to hit the pool, since was having gym day off. I even bough swimming glasses -)) and was swimming for good 20 mins or so -)) not bad considering that last time I really swam was in my teenage years ( I was really taking classes and participating in tournaments that time). Proud of myself – need to do it more often. Feel bad only that i did not stay at the pool for sun tanning a bit longer – too hot in Dubai at this time – I think hitting up to 48 C if not higher.
So went home, snacked on law fat plain yogurt and browsed Sugar website to catch up on showbiz news, health advices and beauty links. 😉
Around 2 pm I decided to make lunch. I do not like cooking for just myself and normally would just be snacking – but today was really in the mood for it. S here it is healthy low carb lunch for one in just 20 mins!

“Salmon Omega-3 power up”
I took 2 salmon steaks totaling 200 grams – sprinkled with salt and pepper, cut few holes in them and stuffed sliced garlic clove (garlic is huge prebiotic food and must be in my diet as much as possible). In meanwhile I sliced 1/4 yellow onion and 1/2 stick of celery and layered that on the bottom of baking dish. layered salmon filets on top of it, sprinkled with Virgin Walnut Oil and baked in my Panasonic oven on convection mode for 15 mins at T 200C. Then placed it under grill for another 5 mins. In a meanwhile I washed and cut in three pieces baby asparagus, while snacking on some fresh tomatoes from Lebanon. Cut out two florets of broccoli and placed them in the steaming bowl for microwave. After fish was done, I put my veggies to steam for 3 mins on microwave mode.

(finished all the half of tomato while was drooling over smells coming from the oven)
Drizzles some lemon juice over fish and aged balsamic vinegar over steamed veggies… And there it was! Incredible tasty, quick and protein loaded lunch!
Next meal is Iftar – hoping for something healthy 😉 and then shisha -))