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Fishy dayzzz

So, it is one more beautiful day in sunny Dubai! It is wonderful to have sun 365 days a year – you wake up and look at the garden full of sun and birds – it is just lifts all your spirits at once! Time to hang out!
I headed to yoga at the morning and we really worked on strains ing our back – which I love to do since the core muscles support our spines and if we have healthy strong back for longer is always a benefit. I did not prepare any after work out snack – and hugely regretted it, since I had only water before yoga. Note: always have snack after yoga, or a fruit before work out (as per advice of Fitnessista ). During Ramadan – there is no coffee shops operating during day time for dine-in and only few are open for take-away. I would love to go to the house and have a wholesome breakfast, but had to do some grocery shopping at Organic Supermarket (which is really close by to my gym). So completely desperate for some nutrients for my body – I hoped in closest supermarket and got really frustrated in terms of which breakfast I can get here and not to slide of my gluten and sugar free eating :-/ After contemplating between walnuts, natural yogurt and avocado – just got them all -))) and ate it in privacy of my tented windows car in the far away lot of underground parking (what a criminal me -)). These snacks saved my grocery shopping that time 😉

After returning home (I was still hungry though, since did not have my doze of healthy grains in the morning) went right into making lunch.

“Blackened” Nile trout and greeeenz

Just sprinkled 200 grams filet of mile trout with salt and pepper, cumin, turmeric and a bit of paprika (I am so into paprika after our trip to Spain) and pan fried it with a drizzle of coconut oil.

On the side I had boiled green beans with dressing of onions and garlic pan seared in olive oil.

The lunch was just what I needed and spices on the fish made it really special -)