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Of the diet – little rare indulgence

Hello friends!
How is the beginning of the week going? Well here it all the same – pluses of jobless life 😉
Yesterday was the first day when Mr. R came back from his short trip to Kuwait. He actually brought me a wonderful gift (which I really begged him to bring though) – cheesecake! I know kinda weird to ask him to bring it from Kuwait, considering that you can buy one here on every corner. But THIS cheesecake is VERY special one…. It is in a JAR.
So cute:

Perfect layer of gluten and sugar -)))

I indulged into half of mine in the morning -)) and mr.R finished his all -)))


It was totally of the diet but totally worth it -) I took so many pictures and enjoyed empty jars more then actual eating -)) very cute idea to serve cheesecake -)

Interested to know: Do you have little rare indulgences? If yes then which ones?

Cheers, have a great week ahead. Left to work on socca post -))