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Ramadan Kareem – Ramadan Generous, in deed!

There is just something in Moroccan dishes what hugely attracts my appetite. The spices, the combination of sweet and spicy, which creates this irresistible flavor.
I discovered for myself Moroccan cousin at it’s very best last year during Ramadan. That time I was going to the house of one woman, very good friend of my in-laws. This woman (I will redder to her as A.) has a very big heart and every Ramadan she is making her cooks to prepare fresh daily meals and give it to poor.
It was amazing experience for me to be part of it!
Every day there was a full on cooking happening in her kitchen. The cooks and servants (who were also fasting) were waking up early and starting cooking up to Iftar. Daily meals included:

Freshly made from the scratch Moroccan Harira – hearty soup with chickpeas, lentils and lamb. Huge three pans were steaming on the specially installed stoves from early morning:


Moroccan bread “Msammen” – was also prepared fresh on daily basis


from this amount of dough:


And that was not all! There was also Moroccan Pancakes made of semolina and served with warm butter and honey mixture:


Before every single Iftar poor people were gathering close to the gates and waiting for their tern to get a set of those three course meals. Majority of those poor people do not have meat ever since it is too expensive to afford.
In meanwhile we were putting in plastic containers servings of bread and pancakes and pouring steaming hot Harira with pieces of best quality farmed lamb into their thermoses. By the beginning of evening prayer – all the food would be gone and then finally the cooks could rest and have their Iftar and rest a bit, since the same cooking pattern would begin the next morning.

It was an amazing experience and this is all what real Ramadan meaning is.
Ramadan Kareem!