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Power breakfast

Despite all Ramadan fun eats and treats – time to come back to routine healthy and clean eating. I am a big fun of healthy foods – normally I am strictly avoiding all refined sugars and yeast. I limit my intake of sucrose (fruits), starches and gluten. Here is example of one of my favorite breakfasts – which gives me energy to last through all morning.
Breakfast cookie porridge!

Easy and quick:
1/3 cups gluten free oats (can be found in organic supermarket)
1/2 banana mashed
Protein powder of choice – depends on how much you consume it (I am using raw brown rice protein powder, but this time had use whey protein of my hubby) I add around 5 gr of protein to my morning cereal
2 tbsp flax seed meal
1/6 cup of milk (almond, rice or goat if you prefer dairy)
Additional toppings of choice: Macca powder, almond butter,yacon syrup, carob powder or chia seeds. This one on the picture is a mix of Macca and carob -) Leave this treat in the fridge over night and then have it at breakfast. Or grab with you for after gym snack.

Tastes delish and gives a power boost for your day.

Later I snacked on rice pudding and had some stir fried beef with tomato rice -)

Now off to gym – power workout and then gentle yoga -)